Brown Christian Academy is a private school that is located in the well-established Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven, Mississippi. We are a private Christian-based school that is composed of Early Childhood (infant through Pre K4) educational institution that will be predominantly funded through grants, donations, tuition fees from students, and other private sources.

Brown Christian Academy (BCA) is a student-focused school using scientific research and evidenced-based pedagogy alongside proven methodology that provides quality learning experiences.

We know that in America the following gender trends exist in schools:

  • 80% of high school dropouts are boys
  • 80% of all classroom discipline problems are boys
  • 70% of students with learning disabilities are boys
  • 80% of students who are labeled behaviorally disordered are boys
  • 80% of students on medication for ADHD and AD are boys
  • 44% of college students are boys

Thus, BCA is committed to teaching our students based on understanding the minds of boys and girls, gender learning differences, and differentiated instruction conditions that appeal to students with different levels of readiness and learning styles.

Brown Christian Academy is founded by Dr. (Mr.) Bartholomew Orr. He is a Pastor of excellence and has won many awards in the private and Christian sector both nationally and international and Dr. (Mrs.) Gwendolyn Neal. She has both the academic qualifications and experience to run a private school that can favorably compete with other leading private schools not only in Southaven – Mississippi, but also throughout the Mid-South.